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Easter for the Bebi & Beba family is a huge event that spans over several days!

There are eggs to dye, traditional Easter bread to make, we spend lots of time with our family and pay our respects to loved ones we have lost.

And did we mention the food? There is plenty of that too!

It is one of our favourite times of the year and although we are quite traditional in how we celebrate it, over the years some fun, more 'mainstream' elements have been introduced to our celebrations.

As well as cracking the red eggs (which symbolises resurrection and new life), we now also do an Easter Egg Hunt!

The kids love to wear cute bunny ears and run around the backyard, following all the signs, to find those hidden treats. It is very funny to watch and can get pretty hectic, with 20 kids frantically running around (did I mention our family is huge?) but it is also so much fun that this year, we decided to add a little "Easter Capsule Collection' to our boutique.

Below are some great little additions to our store that will help make Easter that extra bit special for you and your family!

1- Meri Meri - Bunny Ears 8 Pack, Liberty Green

These delightful paper bunny ears feature a sweet Liberty London print.

Perfect for an Easter celebration with your family and friends, the pack of 8 means that is plenty to share around!

Meri Meri Bunny Ears

2- Meri Meri - Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Kit

Create a sweet and fun Easter Egg Hunt with your little ones on Easter Day with this beautifully created kit.

It includes bunny and flowers signs, etched and coloured in wood.

Meri Meri Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Kit

3- Meri Meri Pouch- Bunny

Perfect gift for your little animal obsessed babes on Easter Day.

It is crafted in cotton canvas with cotton lining.

Styled as a rabbit and comes with floppy ears with stitched details and a coral red zipper with stripy strings loops. Just add eggs for the sweetest Easter gift!

Meri Meri Bunny Pouch

4- Meri Meri Pouch - Dog

For the little Dog lovers, this pooch themed pouch will be a seriously cute addition to your accessories.

It features a hound dog, floppy ears and stitched doggy features.

This pouch comes with a metal zip and is cotton lined.

Meri Meri Dog Pouch

5- Meri Meri - Hair Clips, Bunny Ears

Perfect Easter gift for any little girl on Easter Day, these cute bunny-ear hair clips are beautifully crafted from stitched felt and come in a presentation pack with bunny illustration.

Meri Meri Bunny Hair Clips

We have a few other bits and pieces on the way and don't forget our amazing Sunjellies Jelly Bags, also make a great gift - or can be used as an Easter Egg Hunt Basket!

We also offer Zippay and Afterpay as well as free Australian shipping for all order over $100.

We hope you love our Easter range as much as we do and as always, Happy Shopping!


Team Bebi & Beba

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